Objective Health PArtnership


Objective Health Partnership (OHP) is a healthcare option that focuses on building supportive partnerships between people and practitioners.  In current times, people increasingly find themselves unsupported by mainstream healthcare, as they are often shuffled through systems that don’t truly address their needs.  This has led to more and more people looking towards new and better ways to address their health concerns.

OHP is an integrative medicine practice focused on optimizing health through wellness promotion and disease prevention, while also providing fast and direct access to care when needed.  This integrative medicine approach brings together the best of traditional healthcare as well as alternative options with a focus on supporting the whole person. In this way, the partnerships formed are goal-oriented, evidence-based, and committed to providing a holistic (whole body) approach to treatment. A true focus on health and healing includes consideration of all aspects of the individual: body, mind, and soul.

Through partnerships that promote optimal health and healing, OHP is available to you from the comfort of your home, utilizing telehealth to provide a fast, reliable, and private way for you to have all of your health needs met.